It is the goal of this course to train all divers (PADI Junior Open Water Divers and above) and those in a position to help divers (boat captains, lifeguards, etc.) in the proper use of emergency oxygen.

This entry-level emergency oxygen course also teaches the recognition of diving illnesses treatable by emergency oxygen. Apart from some theory about how Oxygen is used in the human body, How Oxygen helps with Injuries, The dangers of Oxygen and maintenance of Oxygen Kit.

Skills you will be able to practice and demonstrate will include

Assembly and Disassembly of Emergency Oxygen Equipment
Using a Non Rebreather Mask on a breathing patient
Using a Demand Inhalator valve for a breathing patient
Using a Pocket Mask with Oxygen for a non breathing patient
*Using a Manually Triggered Resuscitator valve use for a non breathing patient

You will receive a certification at the end of this course which is by a recognised training agency. This is an introductory level certification.

Presentation of this certification should allow you to obtain 100% Oxygen from authorised outlets.

Whilst we appreciate the topic of the matter is serious, the course is taught in a fun, informal and relaxed environment. Group sizes are kept small so each student has more time with their Instructor.

* This is an optional skill, and will be assessed if the equipment is available. If the Equipment is not available then this will be simulated. This optional Skill is a bolt on to the course and will incur an additonal fee of £5 if taken, however in this skill we will also use an AED and demonstrate its use.

Whats Included ?
Participants Manual (Except students taking a refrsher discount)
Certification (E certificate on the PADI app.
Trainmetodo Website resources for 24 months after certification

2  Free online work shop vouchers to be taken within 2 years of certification.

Discounted workshops after 2 years (or after you have used your free workshops)

Course Duration : 3 Hours

Available Online (For Theory). Face to face is required to gain certification and go through skills.

Course Costs : The most you would pay £115. However If a group Enroll Then that price would be lower. 

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