Below is a table that outlines the various courses we offer that are HSE Compliant. We are backed by Emergency First Response which is a well established organisation delivering First aid training to ILCOR standards.

Its your responsibility to check the current guidelines - these can be found at

There are 3 roles a business may need.

1) Appointed Person - An appointed person is required in a small low risk environment according to the current HSE Guidelines. Such environments would include small shops with 3 or 4 staff members with no significant risk factors such as machinery etc.

2) Emergency First Aid at work trained - This person is trained in emergency aspects of First Aid.

3) First Aid at work trained - If you work for a larger organisation or those with high risk environments you do need one or more First Aid at work trained persons. These people are trained in both Emergency First Aid and other first aid topics that may be relevant to your organisation.

An organisation can have a mix of Appointed persons, Emergency First aid at work and First Aid At Work trained persons.

Each business has different requirements for staff to be trained in First Aid At work.

We are happy to recommend your staffing, but ultimately its an employer responsibility to have the correct First Aid at Work staffing.

Skill 2 & 3 Day
Half Day
Primary Care
 - Scene Assessment
 - Barrier Use
 - Primary Assessment
 - CPR
 - Recue Breaths
 - Serious Bleeding
 - Shock Management
 - Spinal Injury
 - Choking Adult
Included Included Included
Primary Care
 - AED Usage
 - Emergency Oxygen
Included Included Additiional Charge
£4 AED
£5 Emergency Oxygen
Secondary Care
 - Injury Assessment
 - Illness Assessment
 - Bandaging
 - Splinting
Included Included
HSE Legislation
Included Included
Other Injuries
 - Temperature Related
 - Eye
 - Dental
 - Poisoning
 - Electrical
 - Straines and Spraines
 - Minor Cuts and Bruising
Certification Upto 36 Months Upto 36 Months Upto 24 Months
Web Site access 36 Months after certification 36 Months after certification 24 Months after certification

3 Day Course - First Aid at Work full course. This is for any one who has let their 3 year certificate lapse or has never taken the course before.

2 Day Course - First Aid at Work Refresher course. This may be taken if you already hold an in date First Aid at work Certificate.

1 Day Course - Emergency First Aid at Work course.

Half Day Refresher - Whilst not mandatory for the Emergency First Aid at Work or First Aid at Work courses the HSE recommend that you attend an annual refresh course to keep fresh on Emergency First Aid.

Costs depend on if this is a group booking and if other courses are bing booked. Below are the maximum prices you would pay. Email us for a quote and to arrange dates.

3 Day Course - £230
2 Day Course - £175
1 DAY EFAW - £135
Half Day Refresh - £70

Whats Included ?
Participants Manual (Except students taking a refrsher discount)
Certification which will last for upto 36 or 24 Months (See above)
Trainmetodo Website resources for 36 or 24 months after certification (See above)
2 free work shops to be taken with in 15 months of certification.
50% discount on work shops upto 20 months of qualification