Your Data
All the data that we store about our clients on our database can be accessed and amended by our clients. We would like to assure all our clients that we only retain data in our database that is upto date, relevant and your in control of.

Who do we share data with ? We will not share your data with any other organisation. However we are required to share data with the following agencies for the following reasons
PADI for Certification and Quality Assurance (PADI and ProjectAware Specialities)
Emergency First Response for Certification and Quality Assurance
HSE and other Government organisations for auditing of HSE at work and other legistlative matters.

Who hosts the database ? Your data will be kept on line with our website host. This is currently  Servage (

What do we use your data for ?
You have a choice for what we use your data for.
1. Website access
We use your email and certification details so you can access your data and resources relevant to your qualifications with us
(Data stored - First Name, Initial, Surname, Email Address, Date of Birth, Qualification (Type, Number, Qualification date, renewal date (date the web site acceess expires), Documents that you have completed with us (Risk assessments etc).
This data is stored for 2 or 3 years depending on qualification.
(You may opt out of this but will loose access to login)

2. Marketing
We promise to only email you marketing materials no more than 4 times a year and will only email you relevant information.
(You may opt out of this)

3. Refresh Reminder
We will notify you of certifications renewals
(You may opt out of this)

4. Certification details and Legistlative matters.
Even if you decide not to store data on our database, we are required to store class paper work for 7 years. this may be kept in scanned format on secure media locally at trainmetodo. This information will also be shared with the certifying agency and government departments on demand. There is no opt out for this.

If you find that the data we store on you is inaccurate, or you later decide to opt out of one of the data usages above you can contact us via email at