This work shop runs on the 2nd Thursday of January / March / May/ July /September /November

If you would like to do the work shop but the above shcedule does not suit, then we can arrange alternative sessions. Please ask for details.

The work shop runs from 7pm - 9pm (UK Local Time). Each workshop is run online or in person. Below is the current schedule.

What to expect

Knowledge and video review
Skill Review
Skill Practice.

You should bring or have available a volunteer for you to practice on. Online you may need access to a soft pillow to practice CPR on. Online you need access to skype video meeting

Work Shop 1 : January 2022 and September 2022

Theory Review Good Samaritan Law, Hesitation, Chain of Survival, Looking after yourself)   
Skills Scene assessment, Barrier use (and donning in covid times), Primary Assessment   
What's in the news / General Discussions Recent Ilcor Changes   

Work Shop 2 : March 2022 and November 2022

Theory Review Call First / Care First Recognising Life Threatening Problems Reasons why a person will stop breathing ABCABS 
Skills Child CPR (With rescue breathing), Infanct CPR (With rescue breathing), Child AED, 
What's in the news / General Discussions Other Available EFR courses

Work Shop 3 : May 2022 and January 2023

Theory Review Tourniquets, Strokes, Hypothermia, Frostbite, Heat Stroke/Exhaustion, Allergies, Bites and Stings        
Skills Serious Bleeding, Shock Management, Spinal, Choking Child , Choking Infant    
What's in the news / General Discussions   

Work Shop 4 : July 2022 and March 2023

Theory Review Diabetic Problems, Asthma, Seizures, Poisoning   
Skills Injury Assessment, Illness Assessment/SAMPLE, Bandaging.   
What's in the news / General Discussions  

Workshops can be run outside of the above scheduled dates (custome arranged) at special request. 


In Person £15 - Scheduled Date / £25 if custom arranged    
On Line £10 - Scheduled Date / £17 if custome arranged

Bulk Vouchers
4 /  10 workshop vouchers In Person - £50/£120. 
4 / 10 workshop vouchers Online - £35/£85.
If you arrange a work shop out side of the normal schedule (custom arranged)  you may use vouchers in part payment.

If you use an in person voucher, then need to change to Online (may be because you have covid), then we will offer a credit note for a future voucher or course. 

If you decide to join an in person session you may use a voucher for online as part payment


Workshops do not count towards recertification. You need to take a refresher course to recertify.