This work shop runs on the 2nd Tuesday of January / April / July / October

If you would like to do the work shop but the above shcedule does not suit, then we can arrange alternative sessions. Please ask for details.

The work shop runs from 7pm - 10pm (UK Local Time). Each workshop is run online or in person. Below is the current schedule.

What to expect

Knowledge and video review
Skill Review
Skill Practice (For In person Attendees only).


In Person £20    
On Line £15

2 Vouchers / 4 Vouchers In Person - £35/£60
2 Vouchers / 4 Vouchers Online £25/£30

One voucher can be used per session. If you wish to upgrade an Online voucher you can do so by paying an additonal £5 per session. If you wish to use an in person voucher and down grade to an online seesion, then we can only offer a credit note (to be used with in 12 months) we will offer you £5 credit per session if you down grade in in person voucher to Online.